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REESE, Mich. - Congratulations to Mark Wojdula, Owner of Dunn Hardware & Supply in Reese, for receiving the ESGR Patriot Award.

Wodjula was nominated by Sgt. Jared DePrekel of the Army National Guard serving in Saginaw.

DePrekel stated, "Mark has always been a very supportive employer and businessman in my home town. Each year he sends giant boxes of peanuts which his shop is known for out to two deployed units. He sent one to me in Syria during deployment as well as a shirt from home. He cares deeply about military members and honors them every chance he gets whether they are home or deployed. He checks in with my wife often while I was deployed to make sure she was okay and helped when the inevitable home repairs came up."

DePrekel was at an annual training when this award was presented so his wife Samantha DePrekel stood in for him during the presentation.

Thank you, Mr. Wojdula, for your outstanding support of our Service Members.

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