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ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Congratulations to Caitlin Bennett, Multisite Clinic Director at ATI Physical Therapy in the Royal Oak area for receiving the ESGR Patriot Award. Bennett was nominated by Capt. Lucille Queen of the Army National Guard. Queen is a Physical Therapy Aide at ATI.

The award was present by Michigan ESGR volunteer Fred Kaiser.   

“My supervisor has gone above and beyond to accommodate my trainings. During the two years that I have worked at ATI Physical Therapy, Caitlin Bennett has consistently supported the advancement of my military career and any trainings I have been attending, said Queen.”  While working at ATI, I’ve gone to a two-week war fighter, month long trainings (LGCCC), hazmat certification course (2 weeks long), my AT’s (2, sometimes three weeks), and seeing as I live out of state from my unit, she has always allowed me a shorter day prior to drill so I can drive safely from MI to KY for drill.”

Queen went on to say, “Caitlin has always worked with other clinic directors including my second supervisor Kristyn Grivej to ensure that my absence is missed but not detrimental to the day-to-day work of the company. Caitlin is supportive and never gripes if I’m called off unexpectedly for military endeavors. I recently accepted a position on a 10-month deployment, and Caitlin, both encouraged me to go and ensured that I would have a place at ATI when I return. I cannot ask for a more supportive supervisor. I personally was worried when I first joined because I am 6+ hours away from my unit and travel was a huge concern as well as my eagerness to grab any orders I can to continue with my military education. Regardless, Caitlin has gone above and beyond to never make me feel like a burden for leaving work for long periods of time or on short notice when accepting orders, and I am very lucky to have been under her supervision for the last two years. I recommend her for a higher-level award, and truly feel that without her flexibility at ATI I would not have had such a positive advancement in my military career.”

Thank you for your outstanding support of our military service members Ms. Bennett. 

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